Cities of Tomorrow: Are you ready for the challenge?


Cities are under tremendous pressure to deal with increasing urbanization and responding to citizens’ needs. To improve quality of life, city officials worldwide have to understand how technology will affect manufacturing and labor-intensive models, as well as transforming the education systems to leverage digital delivery methods and equip the workforce with the skills of the future.

In addition, mobility in cities is changing. With the increase in driverless vehicles, cities are re-examining the need for heavy infrastructure, such as roads and bridges. As more people use technology to work from home, even commercial real estate development plans are coming under scrutiny.

Finally, energy and water, two key components of city life, are also being transformed. Giant batteries storing renewable energy may help solve the world’s energy shortage, while cheaper desalination technology may allow agriculture on arid land areas.

EY will address three key topics during the session:

  • Quality of life: How will technology affect manufacturing and labor-intensive models?
  • Mobility: Will electric companies own the electric vehicle-charging network? Will there be less demand for heavy infrastructure, such as roads and bridges? Will the value of commercial real estate drop as more and more people work from home?
  • Energy and water: Will giant batteries storing renewable energy deliver our energy needs? Will desalinated water technology become viable? Will demand for electricity decline?

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