It is often argued that nothing is driving economic growth and investment today quite like emerging technologies. Whether it’s driverless cars, big data or fintech innovations, new technologies are transforming the way industries operate, enabling new economic opportunities through personalization and industrialization at scale. Their influence is far reaching,  impacting sectors from financial services and manufacturing, to agriculture, healthcare and beyond.

For investors, these new opportunities are vital, providing a platform for real long-term gains and value creation in an era where traditional investment returns can be subdued by low real interest rates. But while investing in technology-driven sectors is appealing, it often requires a longer-term strategy, and a certain realignment of investor expectations.

The nature of investing in technology is far from simple. It requires investors to have the foresight to spot emerging trends early, often in highly uncertain and fluid environments. They need to be able to fund projects in sectors where development may be far from linear and where returns, while ultimately transformative, may not develop for a number of years. Furthermore, they need to be willing to accept that the next big idea is just as likely to emerge from a small, young start up as it is from an established fortune 500 company.

There is no question that technology presents a credible opportunity for both investors and ordinary people who stand to gain from these innovations. Ensuring we realise the maximum benefit possible requires new approaches and collaboration between the global leaders, investors and innovators who can bring these possibilities to life.

The Future Investment Initiative 2018 aims to help cultivate that collaboration – bringing together a wide range of experts and leaders. From the 23rd to the 25th of October 2018, all eyes are set to fall on Riyadh once again and these issues are set to be at the heart of the debate.


‘Technology as Opportunity’ is one of the event’s three central themes and there will be targeted panel sessions and research as well as in-depth summits on related areas such as immersive technology, frontiers of health and consumer evolution.

We look forward to welcoming people to the discussion and developing the solutions that enable investors around the world to realise the opportunities technology is creating.